A perfectly ripped body is a dream for most of us. But the efforts we put in are getting us the best results?

When you start your journey to accomplish your body goals, your diet and workout play an important role. Along with time, it requires a lot of patience as you bulk up by building the muscles and then lean down for the perfect body.

Here are some tips to help you to get ripped and stay fit and fine.

1. Consumption of L- Carnitine rich food:

L-carnitine is a weight loss supplement which a natural derivative of amino acids. It helps in building energy by helping the fatty acids reach the mitochondria, ‘the powerhouse of the cells’. Its regular consumption increases the use of fats instead of glucose by the body.

Tip: at least 2% of L-Carnitine in diet removes the risk of early breaking of muscles. For those who lift heavy, it is a good food supplement.


2. Choose green food over junk:

A healthy body is made by consuming more of healthy food as compared to junk. Researchers have proved that if you consume food containing more of refined sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, life expectancy goes down at an increasing rate.

when we choose unprocessed food over other junk, body helps in copying up with the loss it has occurred while working out and helps in effective functioning too.

Tip: people on diet for weight loss, should consume vitamins and nutrients rich food to accomplish the body requirements.


3. Eat more but the right food:

One of the wrong perceptions people build in their minds is, by not eating or starving themselves, they can reduce weight. Instead, eating healthy and controlled portion helps reducing weight faster.

Adding proteins to your diet helps you in dieting as they fill up space in your stomach which makes you feel full.

Tip: Consumption of right amount of proteins right after a workout help in muscle recovery.


4. Adding intervals to your workout:

by performing a workout circuit which involves exercises along with intervals like jumping jacks, burpees, planks etc. helps you to reduce weight faster and increases efficiency in you as it does not involve uniformity which brings boredom.

Workout in the form of various circuits is something which is being followed these days by majority trainers as it gives really good results.

Tip: Planks and burpees act as a good workout for the whole body. Adding them as an interval between two exercises gives you a change and adds up activity too.


5. Best but an overdose of anything spoils the result:

Liquid protein in the form of energy drinks, muscle gainer, fat burners etc. help us by giving us extra energy to work. Consumption of these products before or after workout give good results. But over-consumption of these products may lead to side effects.

Tip: Consumption of green tea, black coffee, herbal tea etc. as your prework out.


6. Shredding can be full of obstacles; hold on:

A reality check at the end is a must. You lose weight faster in the initial stage as compared to the later stage. Your body may support you or might not when you start on the journey of change. But it doesn’t mean that you get disheartened and stop working.

Stay calm and patient as hard work pays off!

Tip: Keep yourself motivated by understanding the fact that ‘You can do it’.


7. Sleep is the major contributor: 

Less sleep or chronic insomnia leads to reduced metabolism. Many people believe that you shed most of the weight in gyms. But when you sleep less and are tired all day long, you don’t have the energy to work out.

Tip: for efficient weight loss and other body goals, one should at least sleep for 6 to 8 hours. By doing so, you will be energetic for the day as well as you’ll have positivity in your mind.


8.  Kill the stress and accomplish the goals:

Ever thought that why aren’t you able to work out properly when you have a bad mood? Ever wondered when you’re upset, you tend to lose no weight. Because, the more you worry, the more you waste your energy.

While you have stress in your mind, you tend to achieve nothing. Instead of worrying about continuously not losing weight, keep yourself motivated that not today, but you will see the results tomorrow.

Tip: The more positive and stress-free you are, you achieve your desired goals early.


Conclusion: When the mind is at peace and you consume a balanced diet, you lose weight and get ripped. With these simple tips and tricks, you will get results.

Do let us know whether any of the tips helped you or motivated you and share it with others to help them too.

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